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Commercial Cleaning Perth based company Wise West offer you these tips!

Commercial_Cleaning_PerthDo you get sick of seeing that ugly bathtub ring after a few baths or showers?
Are you tired of sink grime building up after brushing your teeth a few times and a couple face washings?
Would you like to learn how to slow down this common irritating cleaning challenge in between visits from your cleaning service?
When it comes to your bathtub and sink, this little trick is something you can even ask your cleaning service to do for you. Once the shower, bathtub, and sink areas have been cleaned, apply some oil, such as baby oil, to the inside surfaces. This way, each time you bathe, shower, wash your face or brush your teeth, the oil will cause the dirty rinse water to bead up. Rather than adhering to the walls of the tub or sink. Watch the dirty water head for the drain!

That is all there is too it!
To learn more house cleaning tips you can put to use when your commercial cleaning service can’t be there to help, visit our website at Also, if you, or anyone you know from Perth or south of the river suburbs, are looking for a way to eliminate office cleaning from your to do list, don’t let anyone but the best cleaning service in Victoria Park take care of business.

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